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An introduction to orthodontics

Stefan Abela
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/ejo/cjt018 551-552 First published online: 24 April 2013
An introduction to orthodontics (4th Edition, 2013)
Main Author: Laura Mitchell,
Co-authors: Simon J. Littlewood, Zararna L. Nelson-Moon, and Fiona Dyer
Publisher: Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK
Price: £46.99
ISBN: 978-0-19-959471-9
Number of Pages: 336

This reader-friendly textbook of 311 pages has 23 chapters and gives a wide-ranging yet concise coverage of the main topics of contemporary clinical orthodontics.

The fourth edition has been improved and updated, confirming the authors’ commitment to contemporize this textbook.

The book is well illustrated with coloured diagrams and numerous clinical photographs, making it very easy for the reader to grasp the concepts of orthodontics.

The references and further reading section at the end of every chapter are particularly useful. Some of those reflect the authors’ preference and the literature is listed and summarized in a concise way. At the end of each chapter, the authors provide a Web address for an online resource to facilitate literature search. The references are presented as ‘active links’, but unfortunately, full access to the articles is the exception rather than the rule, although the authors do mention this restriction to the academic content in the text. In addition, the reader cannot trace the chosen references back to the text, which would help in explaining the authors’ particular choice of those articles.

A key difference over the previous edition is the separate inclusion of relevant Cochrane reviews, highlighting the benefits of provision of evidence-based health care.

In summary, this book, which is competitively priced, provides a thorough introduction to the main concepts of orthodontics and it will appeal to a diverse readership including undergraduate and postgraduate students, general dental practitioners with a special interest in orthodontics, and general dentists who want to get an overview of the specialty.

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